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Our guardrail safety barriers are the perfect safeguard from machinery, rack-aisle ends, back-of-racking, inventory areas and loading docks. They work equally well protecting mezzanines, offices, walls, heating and cooling equipment, electrical panels, and computer control centers.

Heavy Duty Guardrail

Ideal when you need a sturdy barrier between processes, our guardrails create aisle ways to in-plant traffic around secured sections in your warehouse. Forklift accidents are a common and costly occurrence. Divide and organize storage zones and protect manufacturing equipment and work cells from collision damage. The corrugated steel construction gives our guardrail extra durability while minimizing width to maximize floor space. You benefit from increased efficiency, enhanced aisle flow, and improved worker safety.

Rack Aisle Protectors

The most vulnerable part of any racking system is the bases and posts exposed on busy aisle ends. Left open to warehouse traffic, one damaged post can compromise the structural integrity of an entire racking unit. Designed to run low to the ground, our single rail guardrails shield sensitive rack-aisle-ends from fork lifts and other in-plant vehicles. Structural uprights will remain intact preventing costly repairs and unwanted damage to your inventory.

Rack Post Protectors

Pallet rack systems are not designed to with-stand forklift impact. Even the slightest traffic collision can result in structural damage and potential rack collapse. Our rack post protectors are designed to shield vulnerable column uprights from such accidents. The durable, all-steel construction wraps around the entire circumfrence of each rack post to absorb and dissipate impact. Your racking will remain intact and your workflow productive.

Floor Angle

Our floor angle guide provides effective, reliable protection close to the ground. Easy-to-install and economical, our floor angle guide keeps traffic away from critical rack supports or pallet flow rail. Direct in-plant vehicles along safe channels and aisle ways. The extremely durable, all steel construction stands up to forklift accidents and other collisions. You benefit from a safer work environment that protects your people, products and profits.


Our 4 ½” diameter steel tube bollards are welded to 10” x 10” baseplates and painted with a durable, powder-coated, safety-yellow finish made to stand up to your traffic. If heavy-duty protection is what you need, we also offer an oversized 6” diameter bollard welded to a 12”x12” base plate for extra security.

Column Protectors

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