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Design Services

The McKenzie facility design engineers specialize in material handling logistics and provide intelligent, real world solutions to warehousing, manufacturing and distribution challenges. Basic capabilities include:

  • Planning 
  • Concept Development
  • Computer Simulation Modeling
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Material Handling Systems Design
  • Systems Integration
  • Space Utilization and Material Flow
  • Simulation

Automation and Controls

The McKenzie provides engineering and software services for a wide variety of material handling and manufacturing automation applications.



From pallet rack installations to complex systems incorporating, pick modules, conveyance, sortation, controls, rack and rack supported buildings, the company’s nationwide network of experienced installation teams provides fast and expert installation. Teams are led by experienced installation coordinators who can assume a wide range of responsibilities that include:

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services8  services9  services10 

Project Management

Let the experienced McKenzie teams of site supervisors and project managers take the anxiety and guesswork out of any material handling project. From simple rack systems to complex pick modules and other integrated material handling systems, McKenzie will take care of all of the details and day-to-day management to ensure that each project finishes efficiently, affordably and exactly the way it was designed to work.

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